Clear Your Clutter...Clear Your Mind -
(before/after photos below)

"You were a big help organizing my photos.  If it wasn't for you, my photos would have been a disaster forever!" -Judy-

When my husband and I moved to Flower Mound recently, we left behind a house with three more rooms and more storage than the house we moved into. I had left a custom designed studio that had specially designed work areas and storage for supplies. The room in the present house designated for my fiber studio had no storage at all. Faced with a house full of boxes that had to be unpacked and factoring in my age, I decided to hire a professional organizer to help me set up this house. I had the good fortune to hire Cita Sue Cox of Cox’s Corner. 

Cita’s strengths (and they are many) include keeping one focused on the task at hand, and knowing when to move on to categorizing, grouping like things together,  re-purposing, and setting up the new spaces. During the time we worked together she helped unpack moving boxes, helped me decide what to keep, donate or trash. She researched various needed purchases, made the purchases, picked them up, sometimes put them together and delivered them. I asked her to design a fiber studio that would look uncluttered. She arranged for some studio cabinets to be built and selected other furniture to hold my tools and supplies. She not only gave me a beautiful color-coordinated studio with covered storage, she also used studio furniture I already had and then organized shelf space in the garage for the remainder of my supplies that are used only occasionally, labeling each container as to contents. She and a colleague rearranged living room furniture for us, arranged a bedroom with rest/sleep space and a reading, writing, and computer “work space” in a way that I find it has become a sanctuary for me. They hung all our pictures and Cita even tamed computer wires! The house now feels like our very own well arranged space. 

Cita is pleasant and fun to work with and has a way of helping one articulate just what one wants to do and has good advice when asked for it. Because of her help I am no longer staring with dismay at a house full of unpacked moving boxes. Without reservation, I can highly recommend Cita Sue Cox as a professional organizer.  -Rheba-

I sooo much appreciate you helping me through the process of clearing the clutter in areas of my home. My husband was really impressed with the level of progress!  As I shared with you, since the birth of my daughter, I unfortunately fell behind on a few time consuming tasks because of working full time, long hours and a new baby did not allow much extra time to clear the clutter by myself in a reasonable time before the Winter Holidays. So, again, I truly thank God for sending me YOU! My experience working with you allow me to feel like I was not in this process alone. Your organizing talents seem to come so 'natural' which is what I was seeking in my search for a Professional Organizer!  Amen." -Terri-

"Growing up, I never learned how to organize and stay organized.  When Cita Sue came to my apartment, I had just moved from my parents and I had tubs filled with memorabilia and stuff laying everywhere.  Honestly, I was embarrassed to have her over.  Within the few sessions we had together, my place was put together like I'd never seen it.  I was welcoming friends over and even proud to show them my huge closets since they weren't cluttered with junk!  I'm thankful for the help that Cita Sue gave me and glad to know she's there if I need her to come back with maintenance issues I may have." -Shannon-

"I was faced with the task of downsizing and moving my 83 year old mother-in-law into an apartment 1/2 the size from long distance in just three days.  I had no idea how I was going to sort through everything she had managed to accumulate, pack it, and unpack it in just three days with no help.  Enter.......Cita Sue!  After looking through just a couple of websites I settled on Cox's Corner.  I called Cita Sue and within a very short time I had a call back from her and we had a plan.  I felt an immediate connection with her and I knew that she would be able to gently lead my mother-in-law through the arduous process of deciding what to throw away, give away or keep.  She met with my mother-in-law for short "work times" over a period of weeks and was able to purge a ton of stuff and pack along the way.  My mother-in-law fell in love with her and didn't feel pushed in any way. 

Cita Sue was the next best thing to family, since we could not afford to spend weeks there purging before the move and I really felt like she ministered to my mother-in-law in the process.  I thought her rates were reasonable and she did exactly what I needed her to do and more and kept me updated as to the progress on a daily basis.  In hindsight I think maybe it was almost better to have a third party do this kind of thing.  I think Cita Sue was able to keep my mother-in-law focused on the goal.  When I arrived for my 3 day moving marathon everything was so prepared that I easily did the move with about 1/2 a day to spare.  I asked Cita Sue to come back for about 2 hours to help me hang pictures and place things in the apartment so that when I left there was nothing that my mother-in-law had to do by herself.  I would highly recommend Cita Sue to anyone looking to organize or purge anything, but I can personally attest to her work with my elderly mother-in-law.  For anyone downsizing an elderly loved one, Cita Sue is the person for you." -Andrea-

Before/After Photos